Magnet Fishing Kit


The magnet fishing kit comes with a high strength braid-on-braid rope with a pair of latex polycotton gloves which are ideal for protection. In addition, you will receive a heavy-duty screw-lock stainless steel carabiner which is designed to prevent unhooking.

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Braid-on-Braid Polyester Rope

Our braid-on-braid polyester is a strong favourite with magnet fishing enthusiasts and is manufactured to the highest standard. With a 6mm diameter, this rope is capable of withstanding tension up to 750kg heavy and comes with a spool, allowing you to store the rope without any trouble. This braid-on-braid rope is of the highest quality which makes it very easy to tie secure knots.

  • Colour: Black
  • Breaking strength: 750kg
  • Length: 15m
  • Thickness: 6mm

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Carabiner 

Stainless steel Carabiner with a secure screw lock to prevent unhooking. Manufactured to perfection, the Carabiner is ideal for wet and corrosive environments.

  • Made of Premium Stainless Steel Alloy
  • Dimensions (L x W): Approx. 8 x 4.2 cm / 3.1 x 1.7 inch
  • Not suitable for climbing

Latex Polycotton Gloves

These gloves are made from seamless 10 gauge polyester (65%)  and cotton (30%) mix. This is then coated within latex on the palm and fingers to give incredible grip. This latex coating also provides abrasions and tear resistance protecting you from any potential hazards that you may pull out of the water with your fishing magnet.


Due to their incredible design these gloves provide excellent stretch and flexibility meaning that they fit comfortably around your hand. The 10 gauge seamless poly-cotton back gives increased ventilation which removes excess perspiration and clamminess. This provides a cooler and drier and experience.


  • 10 Gauge Medium Duty
  • Latex Coating
  • Streat and Flexibility
  • Breathability and Ventilation
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Reduce hand fatigue and cramp
  • Medium cuff height with good flexibility
  • Grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Good abrasion and cut resistance


EN388 Mechanical Protection Score

  • Abrasion – 2
  • Cut Resistance – 1
  • Tear Resistance – 2
  • Puncture Resistance – 1

These gloves are washable in a standard washing machine, provided that the maximum wash temperature doesn’t exceed 40C. We also recommend using a non-biological detergent.

Additional information

Rope Length

10 Meters, 15 Meters