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3mm Sphere Neodymium Magnet


These neodymium sphere magnets (sometimes referred to as bucky balls) are both versatile and powerful. Made from neodymium,  the most powerful commercially available rare earth magnet they are 8 times more powerful than ceramic magnets and 30 times more powerful than ferrite magnets (fridge magnets).

Our NdFeB sphere magnets are coated 4 times in Nickel for longevity and tactility. This coating improves corrosion resistance and ensures the magnets have a smooth and clean finish.

Ideal for desktop stress relief these 5mm magnetic balls can be placed into any office. The average stress relief ball may look out of place in a modern office but these sleek silver spheres give any desk an executive feel.


These 3mm sphere magnets (sometimes called buckyballs) are made from Neodymium which is the most powerful of all permanent magnets. Neodymium magnets are used when the strongest magnetic force is required with the smallest volume of magnetic material present.

These magnets are commonly used to make intrinsic sculptures and displays. Due to their strength, they are able to hold these structures perfectly.

Be careful when handling these magnets around stronger magnets as there is a risk that they could chip or crack under strong impact.

These magnets are not suitable for children and should not be purchased as toys.

If these magnets are accidentally ingested you should go to the hospital immediately as they can be very dangerous.

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