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15mm x 5mm Disc Neodymium Magnet


These magnets are not to be underestimated, they are small but still an incredible pulling force. These 3mm x 1mm Neodymium Disc magnets have an incredible pulling force and are widely used in tight fitting places where larger objects cannot go. All magnets are manufactured using methods that protect against corrosion and prevents signed of wear and tear, further prolonging the shelf life. This is done through coating the magnet in four layers of Neodymium, Copper, Boron and Nickel, which also provide a smooth finish. These magnets are some of the smallest in our shop and are commonly used by craft enthusiasts and model-makers alike. Additionally, these small magnets have properties useful to engineers, packagers and manufacturers due to their incredible mass to pull ratio.


These magnets are incredibly strong and never fail to impress. These magnets go through rigorous four time coating process that prevent signs of corrosion. The magnets are coated in four layers of Nickel, Copper and Borron to enhance the lifespan of the magnet and the coating also provides a smooth finish. These magnets are commonly used in industries like engineering, manufacturing and packaging for their incredibly strong magnetic properties. They are also often used in theatre design, model making, exhibition design and furniture making. The magnets are also commonly used as shock absorbers by repelling the magnets against each other.

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