Make Your Own Magnetic Bats - Halloween Crafts

We are slowly creeping towards the scariest time of the year and and we are delighted seeing the  flurry of messages from Halloween enthusiasts seeking new and effective make-shift decorations to keep the kids busy.


Scary costumes and trick or treating are fantastic, but that’s only half the fun. There are new, child-friendly tips to give your house a spooky vibe that will make your neighbours teeth clatter with envy; and maybe with a bit of fear too! We are talking about an easy craft activity that is cheap, simple, and of course, keeps them quiet.


Magnetic bats offer an artistic twist for garage doors and metal surfaces alike, but don’t worry – the paint work won’t petrify.

What do I need?


To make the magnetic bats, all you’ll need are:

Step-by-step Instructions


  1. Draw the outline

First, you have to create the outline for your bat. You can choose to do this freehand if you and your child are feeling extra artistic. However, if you feel like you will struggle then you can find a great free template at http://bit.ly/2zgYJKW. Once you have your template, then cut it out and stencil the drawing onto your card.


  1. Cut the bat

Once you have drawn your bat, cut the outline out of multiple pieces of card and feel free to go wild.


Remember to supervise young children with the scissors at this stage.


  1. Scribble frenzie!

This is where you and your children get your hands dirty. Take out your black paint and let your kids go wild! Colour the bats until the it is completely black and wait until they are dry.


  1. Googly eye time (almost there!)

Of course, googly eyes aren’t a necessity when finishing your decoration since bats use sound to navigate rather than vision (are we getting into this too much?). Glue the eyes to the card to give them the googly look that you’re looking for.


  1. Glue the magnets

Here is your final step: Use your child-friendly glue and stick the 8x1mm magnet to the back of the card. Wait until it dries and you are ready to spook the neighbours with something new!


Examples of magnetic bats

We have given our lovely audience some useful visual aids so you and your little one can have some guidance. We would love for you to take pictures of your final designs and tweet us at @Magnet__Store for a chance to be featured on our website.


Idea 1 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vhUmimZPqgI/ToXuwRXmO4I/AAAAAAAAEKg/fnn294c2nTA/s1600/IMG_5735.jpg


Idea 2  



Idea 3



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