Magnet Fishing: What not to do

The Planning

So, I have seen people talking about magnet fishing all over my social media and decided to take the plunge and actually try it out for myself. With a bit of research, I find the magnet fishing communities are all pointing towards Neodymium magnets because of their massive pull and small size. It was quite flustering seeing 20kg pull magnets all the way up to 400kg magnets, both double sided and single sided. I decide for a 75mm single sided magnet as these have gained a great reputation in the community. I order it and sit patiently waiting for my delivery, all the while brainstorming all of the weird and wonderful locations that I am going to pillage with the new magnet. If you’re anything like me, I was clueless when it came to knots. A few YouTube videos later, I am officially a certified professional rope knotter, maybe even borderlining a pirate – I am out to look for treasure after all!

I scout my first location and settle in the local pond. As a true gentleman, I avoid the fishermen because we all know they love to hate our magnets clattering in the water, scaring their prized fish away. Finally, I find a peaceful spot, the sun’s out, it’s a weekend – everything’s set out for a successful day of magnet fishing! …or maybe not. I set the camera up and – lights, camera, ACTION… CUT!


The Main Event

I throw the magnet, almost aiming for the moon. As it leaves my hands I see the end of the rope follow alongside – this wasn’t meant to happen, nobody warned me about this! …not to mention the £70 I just spent on a brand spanking new magnet is now 50m in a flooded mine pit! The missus warned me constantly, even before the camera was shooting, “don’t throw it too far!”, boy was she right. If there was ever a time where she could say “I told you so” it was this – but her choice of words were much more uncouth than that. Not only this, but karma struck when the rope seared my skin upon throwing it. That day was a very sad day for a virgin magnet fisher.

So, what did I learn from my short and miserable magnet fishing expedition?


Magnet Fishing Top Tips: from the guy who failed… badly!

  • Keep hold of the rope – really secure the rope if you’re going to throw it far into the water
  • Use gloves – rope burn hurts a lot so learn from my mistakes and wear gloves
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