Magnet Fisher of the Month: Drasticg

Name: Drasticg

Youtube Channel: Drasticg

We are thrilled to have interviewed this month’s magnet fisher. The winner is no stranger to the news media following the items he has uncovered. Drasticg has lived every magnet fisher’s dream of finding things from a crossbow to gun barrels and bullets. Some say magnet fishing is simply luck, but drasticg has evidently found a knack for it and we’re lucky enough to see it on all camera from his YouTube channel.

A serving royal engineer, 36 year old drasticg is a self-proclaimed angler, free diver and treasure hunter. Gareth was hooked after seeing magnet fishing videos on YouTube and thought “I can do that”. Since the debut of his YouTube channel in January 2018, Gareth has built an impressive 13,000 subscribers with one of his videos having over 288k views. His videos don’t just come with his magnet fishing travels, they also come with tutorials and how to guides to help beginners find their feet.

Gareth magnet fishes alongside the Manchester Waterways astonishingly has discovered over 50 weapons! On one occasion, Gareth threw his magnet in the water and felt something heavy but struggled to get it out himself. He called on three of his magnet fisher friends to help pull the unknown item out – it was a moped! Teamwork at its finest.

Magnet Fishing Set Up – Drasticg

Magnet: Drasticg’s range of magnets include a 200kg double sided, 400kg double sided and a 450kg single sided. His favourite of his collection is the 200kg double sided as it’s a great all rounder. Gareth believes it’s essential to have two types of fishing magnets in your kit – a double sided for dragging and a single sided for lifting.

Rope: 100ft of 550 paracord rope doubled up to be easier on the hands

Knot:  Palomar Knot

Grapple: ‘A grapple is a must’


Drasticg Finds of Fame

Best Magnet fishing finds:

With such an impressive range of find and over 50 weapons recovered from the water so far it is hard for drasticg to pick just one find as his best. He is torn between a couple of items he has found and is between either the crossbow, Mac 10 or Submachine gun.


Worst magnet fishing find:

Gareth really did not expect to find an adult toy!


Funniest magnet fishing find:

When asked what his funniest find is, Gareth laughed and told us he yanked a bollard from the water to find a live fish inside! What Cod be worse?


Dream find:

We asked Gareth what his dream find would be and his response should be commendable. “I’d like to find a big safe with it’s items still inside and be able to return it to its owner”. Often, we hear magnet fishers find safes but they have usually been drilled with the contents removed.

Magnet Fishing Highlights

We asked Drasticg what the highlights of his adventures were, he responded, “Definitely the magnet fishing competition I organized as it brought the community together. It is also nice to see more and more children get involved with their parents, the next generation of magnet fishers”. There’s no doubt magnet fishing is having a great impact on the community, but it’s great seeing parents getting their children involved and having a family day out at the canals and lakesides.

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