Magnet Fisher of the Month: Blazing Magnets

Name: Blazing Magnets 

Youtube Channel: Blazing Magnets 

This month we have Blazing Magnets as our magnet fishers of the month!

You may have heard of them as they have been in the news recently with their recent tommy gun find! Blazing Magnet are a family of magnet fishers from Rugby who just love going out and spending time as a family. The family who are from Rugby are out almost every weekend and can be found magnet fishing across Coventry, Rugby, Leamington and Warwick.  The family consists of Paul, Marie, Carol, Ben and Pete and range from 10 to 66 years old who first got hooked on the hobby last year after seeing some videos on Youtube.

In the year that the family have been magnet fishing they have developed quite a Youtube following with over 65,000 views and almost 1,000 subscribers. Taking a look at their finds list you can see why with an impressive portfolio of finds such as two shot guns, a hand grenade and even a vespa.

Blazing Magnets set up

Magnet: The family hold a variety of magnets their favorites are there 200kg double sided and 400kg rotation magnet.
Rope: Blazing Magnets use braided rope 15 metres long 250kg breaking strength.
Knot: Palomar Knot
Grapple: Great at pulling out those larger stubborn items

Blazing Magnets Finds of Fame

Best Magnet Fishing Finds

With a finds lists as long as Blazing Magnets it is quite hard to to ask them to just pick one find as their favourite. They describe their best finds as “Tommy guns, sawn off shotguns and a fake Rolex watch.”

Blazing Magnets recent haul even hit the news as they found a shocking eight guns which had been cut in to pieces in just one trip. The haul included rifles, revolvers and an American-made Thompson submachine gun (also known as a Tommy gun).

Paul the dad of the family said “We are so happy we found them. It was a very exciting afternoon, we were blown away”.
If you are wondering what happened to the guns? Did they get to keep their great finds? The ones that were never going to fire again were kept by Blazing Magnets but the live ones have been handed in to the police.

Worst Finds

As we all know every throw isn’t a great throw so what is Blazing Magnets worst finds? Poo bags! Wow that really stinks.

Dream Find

“Think we found it when we found all the guns in one place.”


Magnet Fishing Tip

Have fun and always be safe!

Want to know how to clean your magnet fishing finds? Blazing Magnets have made a great video to help you along your way.

Why Blazing Magnets Love Magnet Fishing

“Just the buzz of what will appear on the magnet when it comes out of the water”

We hear this a lot, the lure of the unknown is what most people love about magnet fishing. You can find anything from treasure to screws. It’s all part of the fun!

Would you like to be featured as our Magnet fisher of the month? Get in touch!
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