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Magnet Fisher of the Month – Scott Hargood

Name: Scott Hargood  Youtube Channel: Crazy Magnet Family Hargood Scott Hargood agreed to speak with us about his magnet fishing adventures and it was truly inspiring, to say the least. Early 2018, Scott grew curious of magnet fishing when he came across videos of...

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How it works: MRI Machines and Magnets

When we think about magnets and where we may find them being used around us, many of us forget about the world of medicine. A little known fact is that magnets are used within MRI machines with the help of radio waves to take a deep look into your body and help...

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Magnet Fisher of the Month – Mama Magnet

Name: Mama Magnet  Youtube Channel: Mama Magnet  This month we are delighted to kick off the new year with Mama Magnet (aka Lucia Armitage) as the Magnet fisher of the month. From modelling to mudlarking, she is not your average 35-year-old mama. The glamorous makeup...

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Halloween Crafts – Spooky Magnetic Rocks

As summer comes to an end and autumn creeps closer the majority of us are racking our brains trying to find new things that can keep the children entertained. With Halloween just around the corner it is the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved with spooky...

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The Ultimate Magnet Fishing Kit

We see it asked time and time again “What makes a good magnet fishing kit” and truth be told there is no definitive answer, but we asked fellow fishers what they think makes a good magnet fishing kit and this is what they said. The basics of a good magnet fishing kit...

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Make Your Own Magnetic Bats – Halloween Crafts

We are slowly creeping towards the scariest time of the year and and we are delighted seeing the  flurry of messages from Halloween enthusiasts seeking new and effective make-shift decorations to keep the kids busy.   Scary costumes and trick or treating are...

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What to do if you find a gun Magnet Fishing

When your typical magnet fisher is asked what they would most like to find on their ventures, you will often find dangerous items like a gun at the top of the list. There’s no doubt this would be a great find but it certainly raises some questions about what you...

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Magnet Fisher of the Month – Drasticg

Name: Drasticg Youtube Channel: Drasticg We are thrilled to have interviewed this month’s magnet fisher. The winner is no stranger to the news media following the items he has uncovered. Drasticg has lived every magnet fisher’s dream of finding things from a crossbow...

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Travel Map Magnets

It’s an uprising trend to find new and unusual ways representing where you’ve been and where you’ve like to go, they’re almost a badge of honor amongst the travel community. Right now, however, we’d like to show you how to create something a little bit different....

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