Magnet Fishing: England Rugby player has a new hobby


When we look at the hobbies our England Rugby stars has we might be mistaken to think training and the gym take up all of the team’s time. It’s fair to think that, but it hardly applies to James Haskell who has turned his attention towards Magnet Fishing. James enjoys conventional fishing but has painstakingly said it can be “hit and miss, you never know whether you are going to get a catch”. If you are a conventional fisher, or like most people you have dabbled in the sport a short while, it can be quite discouraging spending a lot of time whilst reaping little or no reward. The unpredictable nature of magnet fishing bring people to share their unusual finds on social media and it’s that unpredictability that keeps James hooked.


James Top Magnet Fishing Tips

1. Gloves

These are key! There are lots of sharp items within the river such as nails to safety is top priority. James has pulled out knives while magnet fishing so fellow fishers must be careful.


2. Good reliable magnet

You want your magnet to be strong and well made.


3. Be prepared to hand suspicious items to the police

James describes how he has pulled out hammers, knives and materials used to break into a house. These things could be valuable information for any existing cases that are going on.


Has he stuck gold yet?

James claims to have come close, having fished out three safes from his local canal (yes, three!). Unfortunately for him, all three safes had already been drilled, cracked open and the contents stolen. The England Rugby star remains undeterred as he insists he will keep trying to find a safe with a jackpot inside


If you would like to take up a new hobby why not try magnet fishing?


Who is James Haskell?

James Haskell is an English rugby player born in Windsor, Berkshire who plays for the London Wasps. Making his debut at the age of 18 in 2002, he was the youngest player to represent the Wasps at a professional level.